Benedikte Esperi Produktion
Benedikte Esperi Produktion

KOREOARTscape contain choreographic short videos created in and for public spaces with and by Benedikte Esperi. The title is a merging of the Swedish and English concepts Koreografi – Art – Cityscape.

During the process in 2017, Esperi re-visited some of the places where her previous works were performed live at. She describes the work as a visit to her own artistry and a way to visualize her own archive of temporary, ephemeral and volatile art forms where the body is the medium.

KOREOARTscape is a subjective exploration of the society, contemporary choreography, public art and site-specific history. The origin of the work is Esperi’s interest in which bodies and art forms are represented in public spaces. She explicitly wants to challenge and dismantle how the female body is represented, presented and conducted by cultural and economic mechanisms.

Esperi aim to create dialogues, in and about public space, where the encounter between the artefact and the viewer may constitute temporary ”space times” for conversations scrutinizing where and how citizens can be given and claim a place in public space.

Benedikte Esperi – Artistic director, interdisciplinary performance artist, choreographer and lecturer. Her ideological stands and artistic practice focuses on contradictions, activist’s movements, power structures and artistic freedom / autonomy. Her intention is to challenge and explore the boundaries of choreography and corporeal positions in shared societies/public realms.

”The predominance of performative, ritual and choreographic modes of social cohesion in a given society does not necessarily lead to the emergence of a critical vocabulary for articulating or critiquing that society’s choreography. Indeed, it seems that some distance-the distance of cross-cultural transmission and translation, perhaps-is necessary if such a critical discourse is to arise.” –  Andrew Hewitt , Social Choreography

Read researcher Astrid von Rosens text (in Swedish) about the work